***Billing Guide : Must read While upgrading to a paid plan



  1. All free plan accounts run on a shared Virtual Machine and everyone's server is hosted on the same VM and there is a small CCU limit.
  2. Paid plans are finished products. These are faster, only handling your bandwidth and can go upto high CCU. However, this does not mean it can handle any demand. For example, sharing 2Mb data from every player is not a good decision, and will slow it down.
  3. All paid plans give you your own Heroku Server in the Cloud to host your game backend(this is the part rocket handles for you). You cannot access this directly, but this is what we refer to as ‘your rocket networking server’
  4. Vector and Momentum are “Individual” plans suitable for indie game developers and studios.
  5. Spacetime and Escape Velocity are Enterprise plans and will receive
    1. Personalised Support
    2. Customization and flexibility
    3. Private Server builds tailored to your game
Given the nature of VM’s, you can request us directly for a CCU increase and after an assessment over a video call, we will increase it.
Plan Name
Monthy Price in $
Heroku Dyno
Basic Plan✈️
Shared huge heroku Server
Vector Plan⚡
Momentum Plan💡
Standard 1X
Spacetime Plan⭐✨
Customisable Soft limit 1,200
Standard 1X
Escape Velocity🚀
Customisable Soft limit 2,500
Standard 2X
VMs can be hosted in USA or EU . If you want to shift your server to a region closer to your traffic preference, please go to your Dashboard and change the region.

What if I go over my max CCU?

Every VM has the capacity to handle only a fixed number of clients. If you are sharing a large amount of data with every client, this is affected further.

If your account is at maximum client capacity, the client that is trying to join your server will get an error saying max capacity has been reached.

You can change this behavior because obviously in a finished game you wouldn’t want this message.


1. Go to your Dashboard


2. Customer Portal (Very very important)

This is your account billing page. You can edit your plan, cancel, or upgrade it all here. All payment processing is done with stripe so it is standardised. Just be sure to update your Billing and Shipping Information before updating your plan.

Without your address (BILLING AND SHIPPING INFO), payments will not work. This business is located in India, and Stripe India has enforced taking down your customers address. This data is not used at all by Rocket Networking.

3. Customer Portal - Update plan


Click on continue with the plan that you want, and complete the payment. Note that you can cancel anytime, with perfectly prorated refunds.


Any plan switches will be prorated so if you quickly switch from one plan to another, you will not pay over and over. Also if you cancel halfway during your subscription, half the money will be refunded to you.