Rocket Networking 🚀

Rocket Networking 🚀

Everything you need for an online multiplayer in GameMaker

Making an online game doesn’t have to be difficult. Simplify the process with Rocket Networking’s room-based system and make quality multiplayer games fast.


Simple data sharing


Networking made simple

All you need to do is share the information you want other players to see. They do the same.

global.sharedProperties = { _x : oPlayer.x, _y : oPlayer.y }

Dynamically-managed Clients

Other players are automatically created and destroyed as they enter and exit the RNet room, making things simple to manage and understand.

//oOtherPlayer Step Event x = SP._x y = SP._y

Entity System

Entities: everything you could possibly need

Entities are game objects that you create on one client. They are then created for every other client in the room. This can be used for more complex objects like bullets and NPCs that cannot be shared through a single object.



//Create Data

var playerInfo = { ip: "", location : "Ontario" } var name = "lilshake";

SetSimpleData("users", name, playerInfo)

//Read Data

ReadSimpleData("users", "lilshake")

//Delete Data

DeleteSimpleData("users", "lilshake")

Permanent Database

Every account gets at least 1GB of Cloud Storage. Our database system is built on Firebase Firestore, and is extremely easy to use. You can store player information, world data etc

The functions are designed to be as easy to use as possible.


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Discord Integration

Talk to your Discord Server from Gamemaker Directly!

Integrate your games with your discord servers with low code! You also receive callbacks in Gamemaker so you can view and edit the behavior when others in your discord server send messages.

SendDiscordMessage("1000212", "Hello from Gamemaker") // channel id and message

AI functions

Make OpenAI calls directly from the SDK without ever opening an OpenAI account.

// Some code that runs 1 time like in create event //lets say its oPlayer currentThreadId = -1 //save it to -1

var callId = CallSimpleAI("What are the fundamentals of Hindi language?",1)

// Save the thread id from the callback function oPlayer.currentThread = threadId

// Continue the conversation with the saved thread id CallSimpleAI("Can you tell me its similarities with Spanish" , 1 , existingThreadId)

🎒 Courses - How to make specific games with Rocket networking

Some special games are showcased here. These game tutorials are meant to teach you the core concepts of rocket networking and cover a wide range of networking topics. The non networking parts are intentionally not developed further and kept in a prototype stage so we can focus on how this engine works.


How much do I have to do?

  1. To start off, you’ll need to create an account with us. Go to the dashboard.
  2. You can then create a new unique server ID (secret key) like “SV9Hk11vdiO9vmYoZEOr7VtUFcn2” Note it down safely. It’s easiest to copy from our web app.
  3. Download our gamemaker template from the marketplace or Google Drive and replace the dummy server id with your own in Scripts/Rocket Networking/Options.gml
  4. That’s it! You have finished the set up. With our easy room based system combined with entity logic, you can share data between clients with low code.

Any issues? Please Contact


Detailed Guides on Setting up


Some Information on our backend providers.

Firebase Authentication

Secured login info.

Out of the limited data we do collect (Email, password and name), None of it is shared with anyone.

Heroku Dynos

Node.js Hosting

Our server code is written is nodejs and this runs on a heroku. This means your rocket networking server can handle all your load and is fully private.

Stripe Payment Processing

Safe and easy payments

All your payments happen through stripe. You are always prorated for all your subscriptions, ie switching plans means you are refunded the previous amount.

We make sure that you can purchase the most suitable plan for you.


FREE for 3 Months!

and then $5/mo

Preloaded on all accounts
Free to Use
Entity System
Shared development server on Heroku
15 CCU


$19 / mo

Private fast server
Entity System
100 CCU
Heroku Basic Dyno


$65 / mo

Private fast server
Entity System
350 CCU
Heroku Standard 1X

Spacetime Plan

$125 / mo

Private fast server
Entity System
800 CCU
Heroku Standard 1X

Escape Velocity Plan

$245 / mo

Private fast server
Entity System
2000 CCU
Heroku Standard 2X

Need additional features? Ask us about our Enterprise plan

Frequently asked questions

if you have anything special to ask about.

What if I go over my Max CCU?

Every VM has the capacity to handle only a fixed number of clients. If you are sharing a large amount of data with every client, this is affected further, and can result in your game slowing down significantly which is why a CCU limit is required. If you go over the limit, the callback_Admin function is called and it notifies you that you have hit max capacity. In a production build of your game, you can edit this callback to do anything you want.


What if I don’t want to pay?

No problem. You can try our development server for free for 90 days. This comes under the basic plan and all you have to do is make an account. Then you can learn the concepts of rocket networking and see if it suits you.

***Billing Guide : Must read While upgrading to a paid plan
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