ShowAllClientsInRoom(room_name )



This function tells you about all the clients in a room. Enter the room name you want to check for.

How do I see which clients are on this room

After a successful scan of the room name you entered, the callback function callback_ShowAllClientsInRoom() is called. So under Scripts/Rocket Networking/Callback Functions , you can edit this to do whatever you want…

This function returns an array of all client id’s in a room. For example if there are 3 clients with clientId’s 3, 6 and 11 respectively in the room “public”, this function’s callback will return the array [ “3” , “6” , “11” ] . It is worth noting that these are not numbers in the array, they are strings of the numbers.

Example Implementation of function call

  • So firstly I made 2 clients join the room “public”
  • Then I wrote some basic code to try out this function

Example Implementation of callback(continued)

  • Then after I pressed okay, this callback code took place
  • Here I’ve just done a show_message so the user is shown a dialog box with that message but you get the idea
  • So what it returned in the end was

If the room does not exist?

If the room you entered does not exist, this callback function will not return an array. Instead the “array_of_clients” variable will be the integer -1. So a good practice would be to first check if it is an array. If not then the room doesn’t exist. If yes then treat it as an array.
  • Now I made a single client join the server and ran this function like this
  • That room obviously does not exist so after I pressed OK,